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What's New
1. 27 Wooden Craft letters-The entire Hebrew alphabet
2. Hebrew alphabet wooden beads
3. 3D Hebrew Aleph-Bet Stickers
4. Shivat Haminim Stickers
5. Double Hebrew Months Stickers

Top Sellers
1. Star of David Stickers
2. Israeli Flag Stickers
3. Hebrew alphabet beads
4. Colorful Star of David Stickers
5. Hebrew Aleph-Bet Stickers

Star of David Stickers

Star of David Stickers

Small round Star of David stickers. 10 sheets (48 stickers per sheet).

Our Price: $2.99

Aleph-Bet magnets

Aleph-Bet magnets

Colorful set of magnetic letters. Includes the full Aleph-bet plus 10 extra letters.

Our Price: $7.99

Israeli Flag Stickers

Israeli Flag Stickers

Small Israeli flag stickers 1.5x1.0cm. 10 sheets (32 stickers per sheet).

Our Price: $5.40

Shabbat Songs

Shabbat Songs

13 song selection of popular children's songs - all about Shabbat.

Our Price: $8.99

Hebrew Word Game

Hebrew Word Game

A simple Hebrew word game of Rummy. Includes 36 cards, a do-it-yourself box and a page of instructions in English. 2-4 Players.

Our Price: $4.39

Who Knows? - Hebrew Aleph-Bet

Who Knows? - Hebrew Aleph-Bet

Coloring book for learning the Hebrew Aleph-Bet. Requires minimal knowledge of Hebrew.

Our Price: $5.12

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