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Jerusalem Image Cards
Jerusalem Image Cards

Nine large photographs depicting famous and well-recognized sites in Jerusalem, the Capital city of Israel.

Our Price: $24.99


<i>Shivat Haminim-Tu B'shvat Mini Posters
Shivat Haminim-Tu B'shvat Mini Posters

Nine large photos depicting the Seven Species, the seven fruits of the land of Israel, which are mentioned in the Bible. The Seven Species Shivat Haminim prints were photographed in Israel, and they capture the essence of the Tu Bishvat holiday.

Our Price: $24.99


Blessings Image Cards
Blessings Image Cards

8 large photographs depicting images pertaining to the common blessings. Beautiful pictures illustrate the foods, fruit, and vegetables that relate to the particular blessing.

Our Price: $24.99


Shabbat Image Cards
Shabbat Image Cards

9 large photographs depicting traditional Shabbat images. Each card depicts a Hebrew-captioned essential component of Shabbat.

Our Price: $24.99


Fruit Image Cards
Fruit Image Cards

16 large image cards of the fruits of Israel. Great for teachers trying to familiarize their students with Israel's most recognized fruits.

Our Price: $24.99


Decorative Bulletin Board Borders
Decorative Bulletin Board Borders

Aleph Bet theme - Great for decorating classroom! Blue background, colorful letters, wavy edges. 10 strips (60cm each).

Our Price: $11.99


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