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Blessings Image Cards (GL-036)

Blessings Image Cards

Product Highlights:
Blessings image cards.

Product Content:
Eight beautifully photographed colorful cards, sized 34x24.5cm, printed on glossy sturdy paper. The cards center on the subject of the blessings, and each card is clearly imprinted with a blessing and an image representative of the blessings. For example, there is an image of a table covered with baskets and bowls of fruit, flanked by two girls eating the fruit. On the picture is an imprint in Hebrew of the blessing: "Who has created the fruit of the tree".

Blessings appearing on the cards:
"Creator of the fruit of the tree."
"Creator of the light of the fire."
"Creator of the fruit of the earth."
"Who by His Word brings about all things."
"Creator of the fruit of the vine."
"Creator of different kinds of nourishment."
"Who brings forth bread from the earth."
"Creator of different types of spices."

Product Usage:
Suitable for learning the blessings, becoming familiarized with the written text, and being able to read it. Parents or educators can observe the cards along with a child and describe their Contents in Hebrew, with attention given to the various details in each picture. A quiz game may be played in which the instructor reads out the name of a fruit, vegetable, or baked good, and asks for the appropriate blessings. Alternatively, the blessing may be presented and the students asked to name as many suitable items for it as possible.

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