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Audiocassette - Friendship (GL-026)

Audiocassette - Friendship

Product Highlights:
Friendship-themed songs in Hebrew.

Product Content:
Twenty children's songs on the subject of friendship.

Side A:
1. Yeladim U'Mitriya - Children and Umbrellas. 2. Ha'verot - Girlfriends. 3. Gesher Me'zahav - A Golden Bridge. 4. Rogez - Anger. 5. Hi'ne Ma Tov - Oh, It Is So Good. 6. Al Takeh - Do Not Hit. 7. Ne'sa'der Ma'agal Gadol - We'll Arrange a Big Circle. 8. Ha'yeled Ha'ze Hu Ani - This Child is Me. 9. Ha'Khofesh Ha'gadol - Summer Vacation. 10. Shnei Haverim U'sukkah - Two Friends and a Sukkah.

Side B:
1. Haver Ba're'I - A Friend in the Mirror. 2. Ma o'sim k'she'mishta'amemim - What to Do When We Get Bored. 3. Kach Nolad Ha'tzeva - This Is How the Color Was Born. 4. Mitriya Bi'shnai'm - An Umbrella for Two. 5. Mish'pa'cha Meyuchedet Be'mina - One of a Kind Family. 6. Arba'a Shovavim Ba'mita - Four Mischievous Boys on the Bed. 7. Adon Ra'ze U'Gveret Shmena - A Thin Man and a Fat Woman. 8. Ha'yalda Hachi Yaffa Ba'gan - The Prettiest Girl in Kindergarten. 9. Ha'iti Ha'yeled Hachi Katan Ba'kita - I Was The Smallest Boy in Class. 10. Ani Omedet Bama'agal - I Am Standing In The Circle.

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