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1. Israel Car Flags
2. Booklet of crossword puzzles for beginners
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1. Star of David Stickers
2. Israeli Flag Stickers
3. Hebrew alphabet beads
4. Colorful Star of David Stickers
5. Wooden Craft letters-The entire Hebrew alphabet

The quick, easy, and enjoyable way to improve the Hebrew of the entire family

In this site you will find a wide variety of educational products, whose common denominator is the Hebrew language. Through games, books, CDs, videos, crafts, and more, you could play, sing, read, and create in Hebrew. These products will help you to learn the Hebrew language in an enjoyable, creative manner. All youll need in order to enjoy our services is the internet, and a post box...

Many Jewish communities throughout the world perform Hebrew language instruction through various frameworks, including Sunday schools, afternoon programs, and Hebrew day schools. All of the tools required for the teaching of Hebrew at any level, can be found here. Special rates are available for institutional purchases.

Parents, would you like your children to learn Hebrew in an enjoyable manner? Would you like your children to have close and available contact with the Hebrew language? Are you looking for original and educational loot bag gifts for your childrens birthday parties? Your needs will all be met here at HEB4U.

Educational institutions, teachers, and parents, your gateway to the Hebrew language begins at HEB4U.

The site operates out of Haifa, the capital of northern Israel. Its founders are both parents and professional educators, whose professional experience includes several years of teaching Hebrew in North America. The development team carefully selects the products in order to match them to the needs of every Jew living in the Diaspora, interested in learning the Hebrew language.

The products offered are developed in Israel by experts on the Hebrew language and its instructions. In order to remain at the forefront of educational products, we will continue to examine all new products entering the market, and will provide all of the newest advances in the area of Hebrew language instruction. Additionally, we are committed to providing products that are safe to use.

We will be happy to address any questions, special requests, and comments.

Simha Stamler
Sales Manager

6 ABA Hillel Silver St.
Haifa, 32694

Tel: +972-52-6203807

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